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Exciting News for Our Teacher Training Program

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Yoga Teacher Training Starts March 9th 2024


Saturday.  9th
Sunday      10th
Saturday.    16th
Saturday.     23th
Sunday        24th
Saturday    30th




Saturday    6th
Sunday   7th
Saturday    13th
Saturday   20th
Sunday  21st
Saturday    27th

Saturday 4th
Sunday 5th
Satursay   11th
Saturday 18th
Sunday 19th
Saturday  25th



Saturday.    1st
Sunday     2nd
Saturday.      8th
Saturday.    15th
Sunday.    16th
Saturday  22nd

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Yoga Image


Adaptived to the Student

Candlelight Yoga

slow-moving grounded poses

Yoga Teacher Training Description

Starting March 2024

Yoga Teacher Training

  • Exploring the Depths of Yoga:

  • Enhance Your Practice

  • Develop Intelligent Sequencing Skills

  • Free studio membership

  • Studio Time to teach friends

  • Mentorship

An important aspects of teaching yoga is developing intelligent sequencing skills. This means that you will learn to create sequences that are accessible, yet challenging, that flows smoothly from one to the next, and which is tailored to your specific needs of your students.


During this training, we will dive deeper into the vast history and the amazing  philosophy behind the practice of yoga. We will take a look at what's is beanth the many layers.


This training will be guidanced by a variey of experienced teachers. Learn and gather information from more than one voice, facilitates in developing the classes you want to teach. They can help you to develop a well-rounded skill that takes into account your unique style. 

Hello, Yoga is an independent yoga and barre studio owned by a yoga teacher, not a corporation. Our focus is on building a community and fostering a safe space for everyone to practice yoga and participate in fun barre classes. Our teachers are experienced and compassionate, committed to providing high-quality instruction and support to all students.

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