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Our Team.

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Yoga found me over 25 years ago, and what a beautiful journey it has taken me on.  I find the thoughtful union of body, mind and breath a place for self study (svadhyaya) self acceptance (santosha), and finding self-compassion (ahimsa).  In turn, from this place we are able to be in community with the same compassion and acceptance of situations and others.   Moving through any style whether it be vinyasa, yin or a hot series with light and shade, tension and surrender, helps me find a brighter path in my practice and in life.   Let us be courageous, not intimidated, by the language or perceived aesthetic of this ancient healing practice.

I feel sometimes a little awkward, often times rejuvenated or strong, but always brave every time I step on my mat, and I hope to create space for you to do the same.  We’ll meet there, love Jen.



From a young age, Veronica was drawn towards a spiritual way of living and mind body connection. She loved yoga right from the start, exploring many different styles. Veronica has been practicing yoga for over a decade and received a 200 hour teacher training certification in 2020. Veronica not only teaches group classes incorporating intelligent and invigorating sequencing, good music and calming energy but specializes in working one on one introducing breath work, meditation, restorative stretching, sound healing along with other holistic healing modalities. She uses yoga as a tool to help address, assess and work through physical injuries and imbalances and foster a greater sense of awareness, healing and balance in the body and mind. Veronica strives to bring yoga into everyday life by doing, evolving and truly living it, allowing peace and joy to flourish within and spread to others!



Like many others, Haleigh found yoga at a time in her life when she needed it most. The strength and integrity she found in herself when she stepped on her mat began showing up in other aspects of her life. Haleigh seeks to create a space where students feel empowered and authentic, where they are able to find peace through both the movement and the stillness of yoga. She values meaningful relationships and new experiences and hopes her students will find both through their practice. Haleigh’s invitation at the end of every class is to find opportunities to practice yoga both on and off your mat. She’s passionate about everything she does, especially teaching. When she’s not on her mat, she enjoys riding her motorcycle, weightlifting, surfing, playing with her dogs and traveling.



Full of enthusiasm, I have always been active.  I have used movement as a way to quiet the noise.  I found yoga when I saw the deep meaning in connecting to my center spark and allowing myself to recharge.

I have been practicing yoga since 2014, completing my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Numi Yoga in College Park, Maryland in 2019.  Now based in Southern California, I am thrilled to be able to lead classes to a new community. To be able to share my practice and help people find their own center spark is the true gift.  



Emily teaches Kundalini Sunday mornings at 9:00 am

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