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How to Set Up Your Space and Props Needed

Updated: Dec 13, 2020


Props are for everyone, as they are tools you can use to help accommodate for anatomical differences in your poses (i.e., arm length, flexibility, etc.). I have been practicing yoga for years, and when I take a class, I always use props.  If you do not have props, don't worry,  you will still be able to participate in class, though you may have a couple of props already from the list below.

Props include

yoga blocks (I suggest purchasing 2 blocks)

yoga strap or belt

blanket or large towel

Pillow or cushion


Here are links to suggested blocks and straps

Mexican blankets are often used during yoga class, as they are thick and densely woven. They provide the right amount of cushion without being too squishy, Large bath towels or beach towels work too, however, they tend to be a little too forgiving and squishy.

Here is a link to a suggested Mexican blanket

Running Late - No Worries

If you are running late, don’t worry you can still join in. Please just ensure that you mute mike via the button in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

How to set up your space

Orient your screen and mat in your space so that you can best see me in a variety of potential poses. I recommended that you set up your yoga mat about 12 feet away from your webcam to always be visible to me and vice versa.

A mat is not required, but helpful. A hard floor with a yoga mat gives you the best balance of stability and cushioning. A yoga mat on a cushy carpet is many times too squishy, and not as stable for balancing on. A towel instead of a mat on a carpeted floor can sometimes work better.

Other than that, it’s up to you... light some candles, diffuse essential oils, listen to your favorite yoga music

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