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My Story

I started a yoga practice over 25 years ago, as I needed a way to get into my body and find relief from the tension that developed after long hours spent running a life consuming, apparel company. It was difficult to find classes back then, plus I had a baby so driving long distances to classes was no longer an option.  I found some DVD's and practiced in my living room. The DVD's served their purpose, but lacked the sense of community found in a studio

Flash forward... mid to late 2000's,  I had a health scare....ironically, the best thing that could have happened to me at the time.  I was given a message that I needed to change my life.  Wasn't sure what the message was about at the time, even tried to ignore it.

A few more years go by, the message could no longer be ignored, despite my bullheadedness.

Today, I have made yoga, a life style...a mental and physical habit of deep self care, a never stop learning and a being curious way of approaching daily life.

Many years of practice has led me to firmly believe my yoga practice, not only helps me, but all other beings, by raising a universal vibration.

with Love debbie

Training Yoga Shakti and Yogaworks

E 500-RYT, YCEP, Certified Yin Teacher


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